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[The Economy of God]-Chapter24-Part8

Let us consider these four words further—working, living, regulating, and anointing. How much the Church needs the inner revelation and experiences of these four things! We should not consider them as teaching, but we should experience the Triune God everyday working in us, living in us, regulating us, and anointing us. We should allow this wonderful Triune God to continually regulate us in our thinking, in our motives, in our words, in our attitudes, and in our relationships with others. Even our eating and our clothing should be regulated by Him. We must experience Him to such an extent and in such a practical way. This must not be degraded into a doctrine; doctrine does not work. When this is practiced, it will be revolutionizing. We must realize that such a wonderful Christ is indwelling our spirit for the purpose of working and living in us, and regulating and anointing us.