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Timing of the first I LOVE YOU...

First thing that comes to mind is, “You know, it’s already happening.” Saying it without saying it.

You never know when to say it, just usually falls out right? Can’t remember the last time I scripted it out, and specifically planned a place…high school…nope. College, maybe a few times last year. Our mistakes people tell us, are foolish, that we’re not learning…yet nothing is flawless.

I write this standing on a Beijing subway being pushed, bumped, stared at.

“Timing is the key.”…it’s A key, and another I’ll lose, misplace, or give away. There is nothing “one” except for yourself…and don’t let love fool you with one because that’s when we usually love someone that’s unhealthy for you right? And in NOT those moments the truly miraculous happens. My dad’s first day out of the Coast Guard he went to Disneyland in ’77. The first character he see’s was Snow White. He and his Lieutenant stopped to talk:

L: Can we wait here for a moment?

D: Yeah, I want to take a picture of this place…DISNEYLAND.

SW: Excuse me gentlemen, you have to ask for that.

L: Sorry Snow White…I mean sorry…uhm, sorry to who exactly?

SW: Snow White. My name is Snow White of course…and welcome to the most magical place on Earth.

…Why is that so funny?

L: We just got out of the Coast Guard Snow White. You were pinned up in our barracks.

D: That’s right Snow White.

L: We’re happy to see any “live” girl in person, let alone a fantasy coming true.

D: Sorry to who?

SW: To “whom” sailor.

D: I’m not a sailor.

SW: Well I’m not Snow White, but I can’t break character right now. When the park closes, there is customer parking and employee parking.

L: Snow White, where are the roller coasters?

SW: Walk towards the castle and you’ll find everything you need.

D: Thank you, and have a nice day “whom. “

SW: Ruth…

37 years later, I was told that dad went to the employee parking after the park closed and met Ruth. And past the castle where you find everything you need, my dad told my mom that he couldn’t imagine any other place to start falling in love. That is a direct quote from my mother Snow White…

So when people ask me, “When is the right moment to say I love you”…I tell them anywhere and everywhere…if you’re lucky, it happens in a castle like some Disneyland story. THE END.

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