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Nice to meet you guys!

James:Hello,My name is James.I have been living in Beijing for 1 year.But I have lived in Asia for the past 7 years.6 years in Korea.I have used dating apps,blind dates,and old fashion way of talking to womon in person.When i first moved to Korea.when I first moved to China,i asked about dating here or there,locally.and I've heard of many good stories,and bad stories and some really ugly stories.So Niki and I thought it would be nice and possible to have a place to talk about this stuff specifeclly,the pitfalls.To the sublime of foreigner and Asian dating ,lots opinions stories and ideas and advices.

Niki: 大家好,我是Niki,我是中國人,我是來自東北的,我現在北京才一個月。我的很多朋友都是老外,我們在這裡除了教大家如何去約會外,還會跟大家分享一些中西方文化的差距。然後會有很多有意思的事情哦。你們感興趣嗎?加入我們吧!Hello! My name is Niki,I am chinese,I am from north of China.And have only been in Beijing for one month.I have a lot of friends are 老外.we are also here to bing you guys some interesting things between China and abroad.Are you interested? Join us! This is my partner James.And he speaks directly.He will always tell you the truth.Be careful girls.He is still single( James laugh: So is she!)

So guys here we are : WhatForAndWhy