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Rank of Outboard Motors

There are so many brands of outboard motors in the market. Many users will be confused when they want to buy one. Because they may not know which one is good, or which one will be suitable. Here, I will share a rank of outboard motors for your reference. Maybe it will help.

No.1 Yamaha/Mercury/EVINRUDE/JOHNSON

Maybe some people will say that Yamaha is not qualified to be No.1 with Evinrude and Johnson. Indeed, there is some shortcomings in Yamaha big displacement outboard motors, but it is no doubt that medium and small Yamaha outboard motors are powerful and have obtained a big market share in America and Europe. In China, small and medium Yamaha outboard motors are more successful than Evinrude and Johnson.

No.2 Selva/Honda/Suzuki/Tohatsu

Selva, the only Italian brand in the field of outboard motors. Its main market is Europe, and it controls the weight well.

Honda/Suzuki/Tohatsu are all Japanese brand. The best advantage is their small outboard motors. The weight is relatively light and price lower.

No.3 Parsun/Zongshen-Selva

Parsun is one of the most powerful manufacturers in China. And there is no one can catch up with it in China. There are some comments in American or European journals and forums, owing to its early step to the markets. The test evaluation can be neck and neck with that of Japanese ones.

Zongshen-Selva, half Zongshen, half Selva, is a joint venture. The influence of market is relatively smaller. But the technique is good.

No.4 Hidea

Hidea spreads wide in the world. But its main market is overeas, not in China.


All these brands are Chinese. In fact, all the three brands have a good hardware. Only software is a little worse than that of Parsun or Hidea. These three kinds of outboard motors are just a branch business of their company. So they can not get more attention by their technique or money support. But they are cheap.

NO.6 Hyfong/Huasheng/HANGKAI/Seahorse

The three brands are Chinese small outboard motors. Hangkai may be the best seller in China, but there is no website and no name plate on the body. Hyfong is an old brand, but it can't catch up with the progress of market. So their technology is a little laggard. Seahorse is a new brand in China, also, outboard motor is just a branch in their whole business.