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Music is a universal language

Music is a universal language, from the ancient times, people likes music.It could compare to flower or jewelry, all human understand them by comparingall the colors and reflections. They are not drawing or photo, people are hard to understand, that’s an action from when you born, that’s the simplest thing in art: colors and sounds, these two types of ability from when you first hear sounds and see the world.

Music gives us a massage by its sounds, this massage contains feelings when you hears music, you would feel slowly and soft music could give you clam feeling, low sound makes you feel sad ,whisper will make you feel soft ... everyone could feel it.

When human voice mixes with music, some situations startto happen. Some singers’ sounds don’t fit with song they choose, great singers,make their sounds fit to music and choosing more and more songs, when they get to the best, everyone could understand what they want to say in songs: love, friendship or Human rights. Everyone would know, knowing by their tone: low or high whisperor loud voice. People can understand it just like music.

People created music from nature to tell othertheir feelings, now it could gives us feeling, some music bring us to a biodiversityworld but some could make you suicide. Because music transport emotions not data every one could know it, understand it and appreciate it .