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Family Interview

My grandmother lives in Wuhan, she is a mother of three children and also grandmother of three children. She was a teacher before and retired in 2002.

My grandmother is an independent,self-confidence, and positive person, she believes take money from her own pocket is always the best. She believe eve her husband’s money is “one handaway from her”, so she get all her needs by herself.

My grandmother’s name is Zhang Li lan,“Zhang” is her family name and “Li lan” is her given name. She got these names because when she was born, in 1937, there is a big fire, so her mother and father decide to move to a relative’s house. Inside that house, there was a beautiful orchid and my grandmother’s mother like it so she give that name of “beautifulorchid”. Then my grandmother got her name.

The time my grandmother born is not a goodyear. In that period, the total war between Japan and China was started. In my grandmother’s memory, her family sometimes go hide in forest and mountains, not just them wants to hide, other people also. My grandmother’s relative has ahouse inside a mountain and there is always full of people.

After the war with Japan ended, there was another war started. This war is not that harmful, my grandmother tells me she saw real army this period of time.

When my grandmother at college, in a holiday after she went back to her home town. She met my grandfather. He has been in elementary school with her but don’t know each other well.

Things are not always that bad, after the war. Cities starts rebuilt, people start together up, and farmers went back to work. In 1959, a famine happens in thewhole china. My grandmother have only 24 kilogram of food stamp every month that means she can eat only 200 gram of rice each meal. She is thinner in that those three bad years.

After these bad years, she have her first son who is my uncle, he is named by the date he born which is the start point of October Revolution and they says isthe winning of Ordinary people. Her second child was name by the sunrise in themorning when he was born. Her third child whom is my mother born, she is nameby a poem written by Mao Zedong.

My grandmother was a math teacher and was mentioned in a book as a great teacher. At the beginning she don’t have any advantage, her colleagues’ degree was better than hers, but finally she had been recognized by school board as excellent teacher, she was promote to vice principal of the school. She teaches me how to be independent and self-confidence.

Now my grandmother is retired, the thing she always does is cooking and dancing, she says she likes cooking and she cooks really well. Everyone says her food isgood. When a festival is approaching, she prepare everything ready for the whole family, she say what she like the most about a festival is everyone eat and do activity together with the whole family.

She likes the most in her house is that pictureour family takes together. My grandmother is a happy woman, and she shows that by what she says in the interview.