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Stone Age

Stone Age is the most important part ofhistory, in this time, people start to learn how to make tools, artworks andpotteries, in this Develop time, human are process to Civilized. This time decide the directions our technology goes. Black Death, invent of gunpowder...this thing still affects our history today. But it also happen in Stone Age,and has higher frequency, one effect is that is a lot easier to get food besidea river, so people often live on river bank. That makes people built city aroundthis place. That causes most of big city are on river banks, things happen inStone Age is still affecting us now.

Tools are the most impotent invention inhuman history, the ability of making tools is what classify civilized human outfrom other animals, the oldest tool human 3.4 million years ago, but that time,people make tools for hunting and they can get food easier and have betterlife, but those primitive man don't need to do other working, so when they arenot hunting and gathering, they are making tools by all kind of materials,stones, glasses ,shell, in this processes, they developed teleology as polish,they also find some better shape of stone tools, some bronze and iron tools usestone tool’s shape and use metal to make it stronger and better, that’s one ofthe evidence of stone age people effect people after.

Sometimes people can develop themselves,but most of the times they need nature to push them develop, about 18 thousandyears ago, there was a little ice age last three thousand years, in cold area,animal died and people can’t get enough food so they learn to grow crops andhave another big step on human civilization, but in other part of earth,weather are hotter and people don't need to grow crop, so people here are stillhunter gathers after 8000 years, that is one evidence stone age affect history,one different in stone age will cause big disparity after.

Making fire wasone of the most important technologies, humans are the only animal known couldbuild fires and cook foods,ancient people need it to keep them worm, human could control fire since1900000 years ago, since that time people start to cook food and ate cookedfood, fire is also important in farming, when people farm on one place toolong, this land fertility decrease, sometimes when people change places,they had to clear trees, fire help that process to be faster, it allows StoneAge human cut the tree and built campsite there. When people built campfire,they keep other animal away, this made they have more times, at day time, theyhunt and do all the work, at night, they talk and dance, sometimes they mightmake arts. The fire might be just an accident; lighting burn the tree, peoplesees the great power of fire, they start to use them, learning to make firemade people could fight nature and live in colder area, it also helpspopulation increases. Fire formed so hard and someone start it no one wants tostart it again, someone must keep it, the person who keeps it have nothing todo and what they could do is put material in fire and use fire stick to makesigns. There in this process, people make art and develop metal. People alsohave believed the god of fire, in Greek, China and The Persia all believedfire, religions don't help with technology but when people being hopelessreligions can help them and they will get hope and keep their life.

Mountain, lake and river done great thingwith human history, they divide animal species and human culture, big plaincould from nomads, place where weather change commonly people would inventumbrella, some place is full of mud and have no stones, people will use mud tobuild buildings and it destroys when rains, that means people will not do anybig building project because they know it’s useless, but one advantage for nobig building is people could make more population in one city house is smaller,therefore, there are more house can built in a city. But even the culture listabove have some different but there will be more different between place aretotally have no relations, like India, roman and China, they were greatcivilization, India was protect by The Himalaya Mountains they almost never seeother people around, so they make their own culture and it was based on wake upfrom the unreal world, china and roman also have some kind of thought, theyalso from different languages, that’s because they divide in stone age.

Weather isanother cause of divisions, India is hot and meat will decay so they are eatvegetable more and don’t hunt, after many years, India people is peace andthere are no weapons there. Roman is based on ocean, because land is not goodenough to grow that many crops for people to eat, they choose trade food andgoods. China is based on farming and land is good to grow crops. Because romanswant to find next buyer, years after romans are like to talk with others andshear culture with them; Chinese could just grow crop and live itself, so theyare close and not very like to talk to other cultures.

Human could notlive without foods, food changes human. European live in Europe with animals,meat help them grow stronger than Asian, Asian have more land and there isrivers, crops grow everywhere and people are not as strong as Europeans. Kingin Europe conscript Strong people built strong army, when they got a strongarmy, they want more, therefore people are fight each other. So European isproud to be a solider because only the strongest people could get in. In chinabe a solider is really not good thing, Chinese eat plant more, it from asociety that stay and not moving, but be a solider has to be live with otherpeople you don’t know and only got time to think about family at night. That’snot better than grow crops, which is hard and full of pain but still could seefamily every day.

Stone age effectmodern life in tools, boundary, foods, and so many other events, no one coulddeny stone age Ancestors affect so much but now we only can know a little bitby Archaeologist hard work and all other people’s theory.