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Freelancerhunter |Marketing Assistant Needed


  • Marketing Assistant

Company Mission:

  • We help service professionals grow

By directly connecting local professionals to new clients, we allow these talented professionals to work in independently, so they can develop and grow their business. We allow all professionals across India to reach their personal and professional objectives.


  • Freelancer (can become full-time if qualified )


  • Professionals Service


  • Shanghai, China

Working hours :

  • Flexible

Candidates will be responsible for the following:

  • Research professionals in different industry

  • Get in touch with professions and service presentation

  • Social media operation (wechat and weibo)

Qualifications for this position include:

  • Chinese native speaker, fluent in English or

    Passion in marketing, communication geek,willing to take challanges


  • Can be negotiated


If you are interested in this job, please send us your cvs+cover letter with the title: freelancerhunter+Marketing +name to [email protected]

Additional question should be included in the email

Please highlight your personality?

Why you want this job?

Any project you did before?


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