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Design | Top 12 Modern Staircases

Since it's obvious we all have a thing for well-designed, really cool, jaw-dropping staircases. Let's visit the idea and scope out some new designs. Take a look at these 12 I found and wished we lived with.


Architect Ammar Eloueini worked with architect Marc Fornes to complete this corian screen/handrial that spans the side of this wooden block staircase in Paris.The computer generated pattern is fairly open at the bottom and gradually becomes more opaque towards to the top, while the wooden treads become thicker.


Paratelierdesigned this linear staircase with vertical wooden boards that connect the treads to the ceilingand the floor below. Even though they’re made from simple, natural wood panels, the way they aligned the vertical panels makes for a striking design.


Remember that remarkable metal staircase designed by Francesco Librizzi Studio? Well check out this mind-blowing one the studio designed in Casa G. It’s made from a geometric metal structure that supports various wooden components that become stairs you can climb.


Metalsmith artist Antonino Sciortino decorated his home in Milan, which beautifully shows off his own skills, including the metal framed, floating staircase. The stairs make several turns to face in four directions helping to save on space.


From Danish agency Citrus Press, this sunny yellow staircase continues its bright color up the wall to the next floor. Simple metal rods help support the floating stairs providing minimal interruption.


While it leads nowhere,Olafur Eliasson's permanently installed, double helix staircase sits in the atrium of an office building in Munich. Despite only being attached at one point at the base, visitors can walk up and down the stairs and it remains intact.


From the House in Madalena, this set of wooden stairs was designed by Castanheira & Bastai Arquitectos Associados with alternating treads that resemble an expanding scissor gate.


This fun design, by Atelier 37.2, is like a modern, indoor tree house for kids. The red stairs, which lead to a loft bed, are decorated with angular branches that continue to the ceiling.


Tight space? No Problem! Architect César Machado Moreira, of EZZO, utilized a tiny space to design a wooden staircase that winds around several times before reaching the top.


Designed by Pezo von Ellrichshausen, this spiral staircase is located in the center of the Gago House where it connects four separate quadrants that function in varying degrees of privacy.


Located in Mumbai in an apartment designed by Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop, this staircase does away with all ideas of a traditional design and instead becomes a sculptural piece that allows light and air to pass freely.


Jun Yashiki & Associates designed the Detached Floor House with a set of stairs that eliminates the typical tread. Instead of flat wooden treads, they used small strips of wood and arranged them side by side, alternating the next strip with the riser.


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