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Laobiangou Valley

Attraction Instruction:

Laobiangou Valley is located in the Nanyingfang Country Dontyingfang Town of Benxi city, which is 65 kilometers away from the county. The scenic area covers an area of 22.8 square kilometers. And it's composed of the Luoluo river, Stone of slope and Wanxiang Valley. Here is a beautiful and rich, ancient and fashionable, magical fairyland and colorful scenic spot. Her beauty is by continuous mountains, showed by the murmuring flowing water. Here is famous for it's colorful maple leaf which is all over the mountains and plains. Furthermore here during spring, there are varied of mountain flower in a sea of snowcapped. During autumn maple's woods such as chardonnay, which is a world of red leaves flow. Last but not least, the summer here without heat and the winter without cold, it is the place where is the most suitable for human survival.