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Dalian Discoveryland Theme Park

Attraction Instruction:

Discoveryland Theme Park is located in on the gold coast of Dalian national tourist vacation areas. It's a theme park which built around park.Park is divided into "crazy town", "mysterious desert", "metal factory", "magic forest", "legend castle", "the wedding hall" and "American street" seven thematic area, which there are many large and medium-sized recreational facilities. It is also a major theme park in northeast China.

Seven topic areas is circular distributed around the lake, clockwise to start, or counterclockwise began to play after go in to the door.More famous and adventure item in the park is the crazy cobra roller coaster in "mysterious desert" and the earth rotation roller coaster in "magic forest".

In the left hand side of gate is the "American street", there is a large square, every day in the square there will be cartoon character for tourists to take photos. In addition there are a lot of souvenir shops, restaurants, leisure area and service center.The right-hand side of the gate is "crazy town" theme zone, and there are many recreational facilities. the most exciting is "overturn rivers and seas", and visitors sit in the facilities, experience rotation, feeling out of earth's gravity dozens of metres from the ground. In addition, in this area there are a variety of performances. There is American Hollywood blockbusters, Caribbean carnival on the water stage and cartoon which is attracted to children.

Walk further you reach "mysterious desert" area. Here it is a kind of Islam exotic amorous feelings. There are children's favorite mountain car, pirate ship, etc. Also there are the characteristics of the Middle East Arab belly dance performances. During the night, there are a large fireworks display.

"Metal factory" theme zone is beside "Mysterious desert", this area is the most breathtaking scenic area in the park. Roller coaster named "crazy cobra"was the garden treasure of the entire scenic area.The roller coaster can speed up to 80 kilometers in 3 seconds, with continuous 360 degrees rotation. Here you can experience the feeling of weightlessness, extremely exciting.

"Enchanted forest" theme zone, here you can experience the feeling of floating in the Amazon river on a canoe.Besides drift, there are a large hanging roller coaster - "heaven and earth rotation", which keep you to experience the turning feelings in 5 seconds.Here there is the "Indian sun offering" performance, this is one national song and dance performances with native amorous feelings.

Moving further is the "legendary castle" zone, and the most worth is the buildings here. In the area there is one small train to the fairy tale kingdom for the children. And there is "zero space" haunted house which challenge your courage. Also there is interactive world carnival games, children can play here and win prize. In the knight square there is the performance show by "trump card knight" rock band which is the top level in Europe's.

Finally come to the "wedding hall" theme zone, this is the most beautiful, quiet place in the whole park. If you want to have a fairytale wedding, you can come to book. Here there is European style of architecture, pumpkin car, and petals rain.Reservation phone: 0411-87900925, email: [email protected]

In addition to the "wedding hall", in the other six thematic area there is the characteristic of souvenir shops and restaurants, convenient for tourists to have rest and shopping, but the prices are higher than outside. Please arrange the time in advance to all the shows.