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Tian Qiao Valley

Attraction Instruction:

Tian Qiao Valley is located in the north of Dandong city, Kuandian county, about 60 kilometers far away.This place is called "The land of dragon rising" during the Qing dynasty. So no destruction from hundreds of years. There are a lot of forest on the mountain, numerous ancient trees. There is also clear spring streams between the mountains. The environment is very beautiful. Also here the landform is unique, there are a lot of strange mountain peak and stones, different shapes.And every autumn, maple leaves all over the mountain, also the best place to watch and photograph the maple leaf.

Tian Qiao Valley scenic area is very large, there are more than seventy scenic spots to view. The east of scenic area there is welkin, the lotus peak, Top of Jade Spring, Xiaoyue Peak, the four peaks. Every mountain is a scenic spot, there are many attractions to view. And on the west side there is a wooden plank road, many tourist attractions are distributed around the plank road. Mostly viewing spots need to walk, but the road in the scenic spot is roughly parallel to footpath. And there are a few of the intersection inside it. When you are tired, you can walk down from the foopath to the road, then take sightseeing car to the next station or return back to the gate of scenic spot. Sightseeing car coast is 10-20 yuan one-way according to the distance(changed each season, sometimes free). It takes about three to four hours to view each mount peak, so if you want to view all scenic spots, it will take about two days.

Recommended route is that take the sightseeing car to the foot of Lotus peak on the first day,then climb the moutain. Then through connected trails you can climb the top of Jade Spring and Xiayue peak. On the foot of Xiaoyue mountain, you can go back the entrance of scenic spot by car. This tour takes about seven hours. On the second day you can visit wooden plank road and welkin, then leave. If only one day, you can just consider the first day way.

Lotus peak is more than nine hundred meterssea level, the most essential scenic spot area. There is "No climb Lotus peak, No meaning to Tian Qiao Valley" statement. There are many steep cliffs, strange stone inside the mountains and this is the present of the unique scenic landscape and steep. The strip of sky, The Pine Greeting Guests, Black bear holes and other attractions, don't miss them.

Xiaoyue peak area is the definite scenic spots during autumn. Here the forest is dense, there are many maple, birch. Every autumn when you climb Xiaoyue peak, there are a lot of beautiful red leaves for viewing. Here the red leaves is bright-colored and thick, the best places to see red leaves in the north.

Wooden plank road routes is different with other hiking route, and you walk in the lower forest. You will feel very quiet natural. There are many strange shape old trees to see, small brook between trees.