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Qinqin Global tour

Qinqin Global Touris one of the major events held by Greentown Yuhua Qinqin School during the Greentown Yuhua International Cultural Festival on Nov.9th.

With the sweet voice from a group of little air stewards and stewardesses who have waited in from of the school gate saying ‘welcome’ to all the invited partnership schools’ principals, teachers and student delegates from different countries and regions, the Qinqin Global Tour starts.

Through the journey, visitors, regarded as “passengers” can use their “boarding pass” tovisit a variety of cultures from 16 countries such as France, Britain, Spain, Australia, Germany and Japan etc., presented in different pavilions which have been decorated with national characteristics. The mysterious and graceful Indian dance, the adorable and vivid fairy tale stage play and other splendid performances catch a large number of foreigner friends’ eyes. The high-techinteraction games in the sport pavilion also attract many visitors to have atry.

During the lunch time, Qinqin Global Tour arranges a serious of tradition Chinese food in the form buffet, like sugar-coated figurine, which helps to bring out the fascinating culinary cultures of China.

The theme of this tour demonstrates the good willing of the whole Greentown Yuhua education group, that is to communicate with different cultures, to understand and respect other customs, and to learn from each other.