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195 “castellers” rock Greentown Yuhua

2015,November 5th the community of Greentown Yuhua School lived a very special day: the performance of the Vila franca Human Towers, from the city of Vilafranca del Penedés, in Barcelona province, Spain. This unique tradition is one of the most representatives of the Catalan culture and a symbol of the wonders that a human group can achieve uniting their strength, their discipline and an enthusiastic heart.

The 195“castellers” (catalan name for human tower performers) that visited the school were men and women of all ages, from five years old to seventy five years old,the kids being the stars of the towers, climbing without fear and raising their hands once at the top to crown the tower and announce the success of the performance.

The various towers of seven and eight levels and the last four simultaneous pillars of four levels raised enthusiastic and admiring applauses among the students and teachers, a delighted audience conscious of the unique experience of enjoying live and direct the performance on their own school’s sports field.

The feelings of the Castellers, on the other hand, were as enthusiastic and grateful as the ones from the audience. They expressed their happiness to be invited by the school and the warm welcome. They were impressed by the campus and all the facilities and enjoyed the meal that was so considerately prepared for them after their performance. They also had the opportunity to share impressions with students and teachers about their spectacle and showed their interest about all aspects of school life.

Before leaving Hangzhou, they visited the West Lake and were very impressed by its beauty and its lively atmosphere, especially amazed by the spontaneity of the men and women that dance and sing every day along its shore, offering them a token of Chinese folk culture to remember forever.

November the 5th has been a day that will be remembered in Greentown Yuhua School and among the Vila franca Human Tower group for a very long time.