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Education Philosophy of Greentown Education Group

Cultivation Objective

The education group is oriented to cultivate citizens with rational spirit, sound personality,profound cultural literacy, strong sense of responsibility, and universal humanistic consciousness.

Motto: 仁愛求真, Ren Ai Qiu Zhen(Benevolence and Truth-seeking)

Definition of “仁愛”(Ren Ai , Benevolencein English)

The Chinese Character “仁”, constituted with the components “人”(Ren, People) and “二” (Er, Two), represents the core value of Confucianism, that is, the harmonious relationship between two people.

The Chinese Character “愛” , with a traditional form as “愛”, contains the components of “心”(Xin, heart) and “友”(You, amity), which conjointly means “love with whole heart”.

As a compound word, “仁愛” Ren Ai expresses the spirit of fraternity in western culture and “overflow in love to all” in Chinese Confucian philosophy. To approach this mental realm, one has to acquire the attainments of empathy and indiscrimination.

Definition of “求真” (Qiu Zhen, Truth-seeking in English)

求(Qiu)is functioned as a verb, which means “to seek”, and “Zhen”as the head noun, is “truthin English. The phrase illustrates a scientific attitude towards study and research. Equipped with the goal of truth-seeking in mind, one has to probeinto the essence of things and try to grasp the objective laws via research and exploration guided by scientific theories and methodology.

Theme of the 2015 International Cultural Festival: 仁者及遠 Renzhe Ji Yuan


“仁者及遠”, Renzhe Ji Yuan is an extension of “仁愛” (Ren Ai, Benevolence ) as the core value of Greentown Yuhua Education Group , and also provides theoretical referencefor the theme of the 2015 Principals’ Forum,-- “Community and Environment Sustainability”


“仁者”, Renzhe, is a compound word meaning people with virtues and benevolence; “Ji” is “reach and spread” and “Yuan” is“far in geography or in relationship”.

“Renzhe Ji Yuan” notmerely reiterates the ideals of “caring for the elder and young as they wereyour family” proposed by Mencius, and “Love is boundless” from Taoism in China,but also corresponds to the western statements like “love others as self” inBible and the “uphold the equality and fraternity” from the definition ofdemocracy.


The expression iscomprehended in two ways: 1) virtuous people treat others with equality andforgiveness, and thus carry profound and long-lasting influences within theircommunity; 2) virtuous people behave with kindness, not only changing the rest,but simultaneously gaining respect from them. Benefited from their benevolent behavior, they will ultimately reach their lofty pursuits.

It is embodied in themotto and cultivation objectives of Greentown Yuhua Education Group.