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Review | Regular Meeting 5

Double 11

The Singles' Day

People choose to be single for different reasons. Is being single guilty, sad, or enjoyable? It is all on your choice.
Handsome President Wade is always charming and hardworking.
Beauty Fanny. Do you know what is Yanzhi, come you will see the level of appearance in our club as well as the level of English.
They are cool Thomas and Ryan, carefully listening and thinking.
YOYO, hosting the table topic session. Most of young guys choose to be single and enjoy their single days. Anyway, I believe they are waiting for their Mr. / Miss Right.
Susan, as a Chuanmeizi. Always active and energetic.
Vivian, has terrific expression of English and stage presenting skills. I bet you will gonna like her.
Peter, the foreign guest of our meeting.
Emilia, a talented girl from Nottingham University.
Jason, kind of big brother(I really wanna say 大哥大). He has been the No.1 policeman in Ningbo and worked as international peace keeper. We look forward him to sharing lots of stories.

Carmen, such a brave and independent girl. She shared her traveling alone to Turkey during the National Holiday.
Evaluation team: Ray, Thomas, Ryan and Larry. Your efforts help us grow. Hope we can grow to be the ones we want. Best wishes and happy the Double 11 Day!