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Better Man Regular Meeting 5 | The Double 11 Day

The Double 11 Day
The Singles' Day

Prepared Speech
Speak out! Introverts

Speak out! Introverts
When talking about introverts, words like shyness and silence always turn up. However, as an introverted girl, Emilia will tell you about her experiences on the stage as a dancer and now as a speaker, to eliminate your prejudice and bias, to convince you that an introvert can also speak out loudly and powerfully!



Why I attracted by TMC?
Have you figured out what you’d love to do for your life? Fanny says the answer is joining TMC! And you’ll feel all the difference. She offers a neat way to figure out profession as well as lifelong love and fascination.
Fly in face of adversity
Have you been faced with a difficult challenge? Did it seem like you would never step out of the trouble?
How to deal with the adversity with determination and perseverance? Let’s find out from someone’s cute stories.
Wade Wu
Have you ever experienced any fear of death? Or Just wactched some horrified movies? Anyway, being fear of something is kind of good personality to us. If you don't fear of anything, find something to fear. We are gonna to listen to the story of death fear shared by Wade.
Table Topic
The "Double 11 Day" or "Singles' Day" is coming soon. It is a cute day and a busy day. Because it is a shopping carnival and a day to celebrate for single ladies and gentlemen. It is a happy day to enjoy. Actually this day was created by the big merchants like Tianmao, Jingdong, Taobao and ect. in the year 2009. They sell people goods and emotion, making a great amount of money. Are you ready for the day?
Manual Study
We gonna to do a short review about the meeting and study the manual together. The manual is a great guidance for us to hold successful meeting. Guests interested are warmly welcome to join us.
Social Dinner
Better Man Regular Meeting 5
14:15-16:30, 24th, Oct, 2015
No.15, Hualou Xiang, the 2ed floor of Communist Party Service Center,Tianyi Square(天一廣場黨群服務中心二樓,華樓巷15號)
Toastmasters International, Non-Profit Organization.
Where leaders are made.
Aim to develop communication and leadership competency.