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The Bar Rouge Signature E-cigarette

VOL Group’s leading nightlife establishment Bar Rouge, located at Shanghai’s legendary 18 On The Bund sends a message of lifestyle, health and social responsibility as it becomes QT2 Wellness Project’s newest partner offering QT2 e-cigarettes to its valued clientele.

Few can deny the influences and trends found in the nightlife world of Shanghai, one of the hottest cities on the planet while quickly acknowledging Bar Rouge as the uncompromising leader of Shanghai’s nightlife scene. Established eight years earlier, Bar Rouge can be said to not only lead but even create the hottest lifestyle trends, catering to VIP guests from all over the world while presenting the world’s top brands in lifestyle, fashion and culture.

And guess what? Bar Rouge cares about what’s happening all around us in today’s rising China. Once again Bar Rouge sets the stage and creates the trend, with a groundbreaking choice.

QT2 e-cigarettes are now featured at Bar Rouge, bringing to China lifestyle what America and Europe have already discovered, a fast growing mult-billion dollar e-cigarette market because millions of people recognize a sensible, real world approach; a stylish, satisfying, healthier choice for smokers and everyone around them.

With China’s 350 million smokers who smoke 5 billion cigarettes each and every day, VOl Group’s CEO Matthieu Brauer says, “We love the DNA of this product; it embodies rising lifestyle trends, while it sensibly encourages health and social responsibility too.

The Bar Rouge Signature e-cigarette comes in your choice of sleek black, red and white, individually embossed with Bar Rouge’s signature logo, in an array of tempting flavors including vanilla, Zhonghua tobacco, Marlboro tobacco, strawberry, brandy, coffee, amaretto and peppermint, to meet the interests of smokers while promoting better health & wellbeing.

The history of smoking has come a long way and QT2 e-cigarettes are quite simply; a better smoking experience. Discover what Bar Rouge has discovered as they proudly present to you the Bar Rouge Signature Series e-cigarette. For your lifestyle, for your health, for today’s rising China. QT2 e-cigarettes contain nicotine and are for smokers only. If you don’t smoke, don’t start.