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English Corner 【Dec 13th】- Temptation

Topic - Temptation
7:00 pm Sunday 周日晚7點
Heishijiao 黑石礁
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Discussion Questions

1. Do you know what the apple represents in the theme picture? Have you heard of the story?


2. What are your favorite things? Any perticular kind of food, TV shows, video games? Did any of them ever get in the way of achieving your goals? If so, why do you think they did?


3. What do you consider as temptation for yourself? Why do you think temptation exists?


4. Do you think temptaion is good or bad, or maybe even dangerous? Do you want to find a way to resist temptations? Or if there is a way, do you want to get to know about it?


P.S. Free Hotwater!

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ryanpaul0524 / tiancichina / keelygirl

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