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The Joy of Letting Go of Stress

I’m going to give you a practice for whenever you feel stress, anxiety, frustration, or other kinds of struggle.

Notice the feeling. Bring it into your field of awareness.

Turn to it, welcome it. Smile and be kind to the feeling, giving it your full gentle attention.

Notice how it feels in your body. Where is the feeling located, what quality does it have?

Notice the tension in your body around it, and the tension in your mind, as you don’t want to have this feeling.

Try relaxing this tense part of your body. Then relax the tense part of your mind around the feeling.

In this more relaxed place, open up some space, like a wide open field, inside your mind and body.

In this space, allow yourself to see the basic goodness in yourself, that’s there in every moment.

In this space, allow yourself to see the basic goodness of this very moment, always available to us if we’re willing to see it.

Find the joy of the rediscovery of this goodness in yourself and this moment.

This is the practice of letting go of the struggle, and accepting this moment as it is, and yourself as you are.

You can do this in every moment. You can practice with seeing the goodness in others as well. Seeing the goodness in our struggles and complicated relationships and busy-ness.

We can uncover the joy and love that’s always there.