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Fine small shops in Ciqikou

Ciqikou Cross Street lies at the corner on the way from the old street to Baolun Temple, and the area is filled with over 100 fine small shops.
Meimei Soda and Coffee Shop
The shop only sells the owner's self-made sodas, fresh fruit juice and soda foam.

Recommended: Pure Fruit Acid Grapefruit Soda where one can get the taste of fresh fruit as well as add cream.

Per capita consumption: 20 yuan/person

Address: No. 93, Ciqikou Cross Street

Business hours: 09:00/10:00~19:00/20:00
Simple Life Coffee & Grocery Store
It is just as its name indicates: the simple life. As the role of a grocery store, the owner has bought desirable life products from all over the world. There is also a special coffee area in the store.

Fine recommendation: The hand-made coffee, the signboard of the store

Per capita consumption: 28 yuan/person

Address: No. 16, Ciqikou Cross Street, opposite to Baolun Temple

Business hours: 08:30~22:00
Lazy Fish Time
The shop sells the original groceries of the owner Lanyu (Lazy Fish).

In addition, Lanyu also runs a coffee shop whose location is quite remote, but its atmosphere is quite comfortable. With the shop surrounded by green plants, the layout is quite personal.

Fine recommendation: Original glass green plant ecological bottles. It is not allowed to take photos in the green plant shop, but it is allowed to do so in the coffee shop.

Per capita consumption: 30 yuan/person

Address: The green plant shop – No. 13, Jinbiqiao, Ciqikou Cross Street; The coffee shop – 10-1, Jinbiyuan, Ciqikou

Business hours: 12:00~22:00
Mao Da Ren (Mr. Cat)
Maybe many people still don't know the "Cat Shopkeeper", which actually is a Garfield cat kept by the owner and it is called Shopkeeper. Of course, there is a supporting waiter – a husky dog.

Fine recommendation: Wooden cat statues. Its cat products have covered all the cartoons and dolls and wood carvings bought by the owner.

Per capita consumption: 20 yuan/person

Address: No. 62, Ciqikou Cross Street

Business hours: 10:00~19:00
——Yes or No
On Cross Street, there are many street-level buildings from the past. After walking around the new street, this shop is a unique basement shop. After walking down the stairs, a wood handrail blocks the gorgeous neon light. It turns out to be a beautiful hidden spot downstairs one can reach after going downstairs along the rainbow footpath.

The operating hours are to be decided by the owner, but the fresh green plants and graffiti have disclosed the owner’s attention to details.

Fine recommendation: Private Popo Dried Tofu, a delicious snack which enjoys extreme popularity

Per capita consumption: 30 yuan/person

Address: 50-2, Ciqikou Cross Street

Business hours: 1100~22:00