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Guides for winter traveling in Chongqing

Wulong Xiannv Mountain
Wulong Xiannv Mountain National Forest Park, one of the best ten scenic spots in Chongqing, is located on the north bank of Wujiang River in Chongqing's Wulong County. With an altitude of 2,033m and an average summer temperature of 24℃, it is reputed as the "No. 1 rangeland in Southern China" and the "Oriental Switzerland".
Traffic route
Take a bus at Nanping Sigongli Bus Station or a train at Chongqing North Railway Station to get to Wulong, and then directly buy a bus ticket at Wulong Bus Station for a bus directly bound for Xiannv Mountain for skiing and enjoying the snow.

The bus from Downtown Wulong to Xiannv
Mountain adopts the rolling start mode with the detailed time for the first and last bus as follows:

1. Wulong – Xiannv Mountain: 08:00 and 16:30

2. Xiannv Mountain – Wulong: 08:00 and 17:00
1. Sledding: 80 yuan/person/hour

2. Snow-tubing: 80 yuan/hour

3. Snowmobiling: 30 yuan/person/loop

4. Sightseeing minitrain: 25 yuan/person
Nanchuan Jinfo Mountain
Jinfo Mountain is listed on the World Natural Heritage List for its biodiversity and unique Karst landform.
Traffic route
Take a bus to Nanchuan at Caiyuanba, Nanping or Longtousi Bus Station and then transfer to bus bound for Jinfo Mountain West Slope.
There are two bus stations (old and new) in downtown Nanchuan, and the buses from Chongqing's urban areas are bound for the new station.

The buses from the new station are bound for Jinfo Mountain North Slope, while the buses from the old station are bound for Jinfo Mountain West Slope, and it is suggested to get to the scenic spot from the West Slope.

One can get to the old station from the new station by taking a city loop bus, and it takes five yuan to take a taxi.
1. Round-trip cableway ticket: 80 yuan/person

2. Sightseeing bus: 20 yuan/person

3. Dual-plate sledding: 100 yuan/hour

4. Snowmobiling: 60 yuan/20 minutes
Enjoying the snow
Chengkou Huang'anba
Huang'anba Grassland, located 70km from downtown Chengkou is a national demonstration development zone of grassland resources of Southern China.
Traffic route
Take a bus at Longtousi Bus Station to get to Chengkou County, and then it takes two hours to get to Huang'anba by bus.
Free admission to the scenic spot
Kaixian Xuebao Mountain
Xuebao Mountain National Forest Park has abundant wild animal and plant resources. It is a most primitively and perfectly preserved subalpine meadow of about 24,710.54 acres, and is the No. 1 in Southern China.
Traffic route
Take a bus at Longtousi Bus Station or Chayuan Bus Station to get to Kaixian, and then pass by Shilongchuan Bus Station (Kaixian – Baiquan Bus) – Baiquan Township (minibus or motorcycle) – Shanghua Village (on foot), and then ask the driver for the path and walk on the road. As the path is relatively slippery with snow on it, one can make use of the plants by the path as the road detours a lot. There are places for tourists to play with snow on the mountain.
The regular bus from Kaixian to Baiquan's Xuebao Mountain starts at 06:00, 07:00, 10:00 and 13:00 with a ticket price of 30 yuan/person.

The regular bus from Baiquan's Xuebao Mountain to Kaixian starts at 07:00, 10:00 and 13:00.

It takes 10 yuan/person for a journey between Baiquan Township and Shanghua Village by minibus.
Free admission to the scenic spot
Touring around ancient towns
Fengsheng Ancient Town
Banan District's Fengsheng Ancient Town, as a national famous historical and cultural town, is one of the ten most famous historical and cultural towns in Chongqing. Built in the Song Dynasty, it was the No. 1 dry wharf of ancient Ba County. Due to its prosperous commerce industry in the late Ming Dynasty and early Qing Dynasty, it had long been reputed as the "No. 1 dry wharf on the Yangtze River".
Traffic route
Take a bus at Nanping Coach Station to get to Mudong, and then transfer to a bus to Fengsheng, and the whole journey takes about two hours with a ticket price of about 20 yuan.
The early bus from Fengsheng Town starts at 06:00 and 07:00, and then starts in every 40 minutes when all the seats of a bus are taken, and 15 buses in total will depart from the town every day.
Longtan Ancient Town
Longtan Ancient Town is a famous historical and cultural town of China as well as a national 4A level scenic spot. Located in the southeast of Chongqing, the town with an area of 1.5 square kilometes lies in the central region of Wuling mountain areas. Longtan Lake was formed by the water falling from two diving caves in the shape of "dragon eye" at the foot of Fulong Mountain, and the ancient town in the shape of "dragon nose" runs through the two "dragon eyes", and that is how the name of the town originated.
Traffic route
Traffic route: There are buses to Youyang at Chaotianmen Coach Station. With a journey of about four and a half hours, the ticket price is about 81 yuan. There are multiple buses from Youyang to Longtan. With a journey of about half an hour, the ticket price is about 7.5 yuan.