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Foreign coach wearing shorts in winter

In the recent two days, with the temperature in Chongqing falling, everyone has hurried to put on more clothes. However, if you pass by the football pitch of Chongqing Nankai (No. 3) Middle School, maybe you can see a foreigner wearing shorts training the young players of the school in the rain. He is called Jamey who is 30 from the UK. He is a foreign coach sent to Chongqing for a school football exchange program of the Ministry of Education.
This week is the second week since Jamey became the football coach of the school. It is training time from 16:30 to 18:30 every day regardless of the weather.
It was cold in Chongqing in the recent two days and it was raining, but why didn't he change the training into indoor training? According to Jamey, one should not take the cold seriously when training. "In the UK, as we play football no matter what the weather is like, we need to get used to the cold rainy days. Therefore, I do not feel cold even I'm wearing shorts," said Jamey.
According to Jamey, it is his first time to be in China. "Before I came to China, I had learned Chinese for about one month." After coming to Chongqing, in order to better communicate with students, Jamey also has learned several words in Chongqing dialect that may be used on the football pitch, such as hao qiu (good ball) and xiong qi (cheer up). "Football itself is a common language." Although he has just been in Chongqing for a short period of time, Jamey can communicate with students quite smoothly as long as they are on the football pitch.