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This week at Becycle

The Concert Rides

This week at Becycle expect to hear some of your best songs played on live concert scenario. Feel the euphoria on each pedal stroke. Music from multiple genres with a focus on the latest dance, hip-hop and rock… always chosen to help push you to new limits!


Follow Felipe’s Top 20 hits ride. 50 minutes of motivational interval training,focused on proper riding technique to maximize your ride. Then Monica will Be doing a complete body workout by the beats of Daft Punk, DJ Snake and linkinPark.

  • Felipe’s Top Hits Ride | Mon 14th 6:00pm |

  • Monica’s Be Totality | Mon 14th 7:30pm |


Brad’s Shine & Ride - What better way to start your morning than on the bike! Bythe rhythm of Guetta, Hardwell and co. this class will leave you energized forthe rest of the day.

Ellen Evening class will bring your outdoor cycling experience indoors with thisathletic and authentic cycling ride. Join a deep playlist from Pupkulies &Rebecca, DJ Tennis and more

  • Brad’s Shine & Ride | Tue 15th 6:30am |

  • Ellen’s Electro Ride | Tue 15th 7:30pm |


Start the day with Marissa’s morning class and her top hits tunes. Monica’s Rockin’ the Road Ride will take you thru great guitar solo sprints or intense drums hills. Don’t Miss it.

  • Marissa’s Top Hits Ride | Wed 16th 9:00am |

  • Felipe’s Beginners | Wed 16th 6:30pm |

  • Monica’s Rock Ride | Wed 16th 7:30pm |


Felipe will be playing great hip hop tunes for those challenging hills and sprints. Listen from Notorious B.I.G. to 50 Cent, great playlist. Then Ellen will guide you to overcome your limits and finish it with Brad’s 80’s Ride. Just the best beats for you!

  • Felipe Hip Hop Ride | Thu 17th 6:30am |

  • Ellen’s Upbeat House Ride | Thu 17th 6:00pm |

  • Brad’s 80’s Ride | Thu 17th 7:30pm |


Joanna will start your morning using 4 different Effort Zones during class expect avariety of mixed interval workouts, then finished with Monica’s Be Social Ride.

  • Joanna’s Be Classic Ride | Fri 18th 9:00am |

  • Monica’s Be Social Ride | Fri 18th 6:45pm |


Variety of classes, instructors and playlist to start the weekend. Enjoy Marissa’s Turn’Em & Burn’Em Ride, followed by Ellen’s Electronic Rave Ride and finish it with Cata’s Be Funky ride with the top 20 hits.

  • Marissa’s Turn’Em & Burn’Em Ride | Sat 19th 9:00am |

  • Ellen’s Electronic Rave Ride | Sat 19th10:30am |

  • Cata’s Top 20 hits Ride | | Sat 19th 12:00pm |

  • Felipe Beginners | Sat 19th 2:00pm |

You will be riding thru the rhythm of powerful music. Take on the terrain with your inspiring instructor who leads the pack through hills, flats, mountain peaks,time trials, and interval training.


Enjoy with Felipe a great way to start your Sunday morning by raising the heart rate with speed and/or hill climbs.

  • Felipe’s Be Classic Ride | Sun 20th 10:30am |

Follow the "Read More" link bellow for registration and booking.

Be Your Best...Becycle!