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14-year-old boy with autism holds solo art exhibition

Faced with the noisy exhibition scene, Chen Yuxian felt a little uncomfortable.
On the evening of December 12th, the "Ordinary World, Extraordinary Paintbrush" Abstract Art Exhibition kicked off at Yuzhong District Cultural Centre. Different from other art exhibitions, the nearly one hundred abstract paintings exhibited at the scene all were painted by Chen Yuxian, a 14-year-old boy with autism.
Work by Chen Yuxian
Among Chen's works, some are composed of large-area colourful circles, while some are outlined with black and white gradient lines, which are full of fun and can inspire the imagination of viewers. According to Liu Yongzhi, Chen's art instructor, for Chen, painting is the monologue and release of his inner world. "The purpose of the public benefit exhibition does not lie in the exhibition itself, but in the hope that the public can more reasonably know the autism group, not cling to their distinctive social behaviours, and see their shining points more often."
Chen Yuxian's personal works exhibition
It is reported that the exhibition is set to last till December 23rd and the public can go for a visit for free.