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[The Economy of God]-Chapter24-Part7

Using our spirit as His center, God works Himself out through us. The Triune God is in the center of our being. This is most wonderful! God came into the human nature, brought the human nature into the divine nature, and put an end to all negative things; now the Triune God and all that He has accomplished are in our spirit as our life and everything. From this central point the Triune God spreads out to saturate the inward parts of our being with Himself. The human spirit is the very spot of the mark of God’s economy. If we miss this spot, we simply miss the mark of God’s economy. I do not say this is the goal of God’s economy, but the mark. This mark has been neglected by most Christians today. We may talk about many Scriptural things and not hit this spot! In fact, we must realize that all the teachings of the sixty-six books of the Bible are for this mark. All the different gifts and all the different functions are for this mark and must be centered upon this mark.

How can we realize the Triune God indwelling our spirit? How can we experience this indwelling Spirit in our spirit? We must realize that the Triune God is always working within us (Phil. 2:13). He is working within us, not without us; and He is even working within us more than upon us. The Greek word “working” is equivalent to the English word “energizing.” The indwelling God is energizing within us all the time. He is also living within us through Christ who “lives in me.” In other words, the Triune God is within us today as our life. With this life there is also the inner law, the living law—not the law of letters, but the law of life. This divine law of life is always regulating us from within (Heb. 8:10). Besides inwardly regulating us the indwelling Triune God is also anointing within us all the time (1 John 2:27).