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Jiuzhaigou Valley 5days winter trip, Dec31, 2015

Jiuzhaigou Valley

5days trip

Gathering: Chengdu, Sichuan provence

Where: Jiuzhaigou valley, Sichuan

Flight: price is around 500RMB including tax (price checked on Dec. 9)

Brief introduction: Winter's Jiuzhaigou valley, extraordinarily quiet and peaceful, the trees and mountains are wearing snow, waterfalls and lakes are pretty pure, blue ice lake in the temperature difference between sunrise and sunset changing the pattern of the wonderful ice wave, icy among waterfalls, runningwater music, etc. A real deep exploring in Jiuzhaigou valley

Detail Schedule:

Gathering at Chengdu

- Sleep:3stars hotel (Standard Room)

- Food:help yourself

We will arrange driver to pick up you from airport to get in hotel and have a good rest. Or if you come early have lots of time we suggest you to visit Chengdu, this is a famous city of spicy food and local culture, like Kuanzhai alley, old tea house, Jingli etc.

Chengdu 146km --Wenchuan 50km --Qiang minority 8km --Bipeng village 38km --Gu'er Village ( Small business car)

- Sleep:3stars hotel(Standard Room)

- Food:help yourself

Early morning have a breakfast, start from Chengdu pass Dujiangyan, Wenchuan, Li city, the whole way you can see and stop to visit Minjiang valley, Qiang minority, Jiarong special building; Cross in forests, mountian blue lake, waterfall, all these make a fairy world.Meanwhile, there is a snow square, you can play and fight with snow. At night time, we arrive Gu'er village, there are lots of hot spring. if you want do hot spring we can help to book ( not including in price). You gonna be enjoy a chilling night after a long time trip.

Gu'er Village 140km--Mao town( Diexi lake) 115km--Mouni valley 37km--Songpan old town 17km--Zhu temple 88km--Jiuzhaigou valley

- Sleep:3stars hotel (Standard Room, 1900 meters high)

- Food:help yourself

Early moring have a brakfast, then bus to Jiuzhaigou valley. Passing Taoping qiang minority, Diexi lake, Zhaga waterfalls, Songpan old town.

Diexi lake: known as "Chinese most beautiful earthquake ruins", main section of MinjiangRiver, a lake formed by earthquake, only about 1km wide, but over 10km long, super beautiful and charming.

Zhaga waterfall: altitude is 3270meters, 104meters high waterfall, 35 meters wide waterfall, not only a liquid waterfall, but also a calcified waterfall stream, called the " World's first calcified waterfall stream" at a rate of 23 m3 / s falling water from three Taiba.

All day visit our beautiful destination "Jiuzhaigou valley"

- Sleep:3stars hotel (Standard Room, 1900 meters high)

- Food:help yourself

Early moring have a brakfast, then bus to visit the charming fairy place"Jiuzhaigou". Jiuzhaigou is made by emerald sea, fold waterfall, colorful forest, clouds, snow peaks, and exotic colorful of Tibetan culture style unique wonderland of natural charm. Group by 3 big valley and 3 big waterfalls. It's hard to describle the beautiful, you better check by yourself. ^^

Attention: the highest altitude is 3050meters, so you might have a bit sick or headache so don't do strong activity.

Jiuzhaigou valley115km--Songpan old town112km-- Mao town42km-- Wenchuan120km--Dujiangyan50km--Chengdu

- Sleep: not including (can help to book)

- Food:Buffet dinner

Early moring have a brakfast, then bus to Chengdu. On the way, will pass Dujiangyan that the world the longest 2000years history and the only retention diversion dam by so far, is characterized by ambitions of water deliver Irrigation project.

------------------------------------- END -------------------------------------------

Price: 3100RMB/person

Deposit: 2000RMB

Price indluding:

1. Transportation in Sichuan provence, a small group trip

2. Driver's allowance+food+accommodation

3. English speaker leader fee from Shanghai

4. Accommodation: 4nights 3 stars hotel

5. Last day buffet dinner ( I tried last year it's very nice one)

6. Tickets: Bipeng vallet ticket|Bipeng visit bus ticket|Jiuzhaigou valley ticket|Jiuzhai valley visit bus tickets|Zhaga waterfall tickets |

7. Insurance

Price not including:

1. Dujiangyan tickets(90rmb)|Taopingqiang minority tickets(60rmb)|Bipeng scooter fee(30rmb)|Dujiangyan scooter fees(15rmb) { the price only for reference}

2. Other meals not mentioned above

3. Drinks cost, other personal cost

Refund instructions:

1. We will let you know 6days ealry if this trip happen or not, if it cancel by us will refund all fees you paid.

2. If you booked the trip, there is something urgent happen you cann't make it, 7days earlier before departure will refund all; within 7days, can find someone to replace you or will take 40% of deposit off for the bus and hotel's booked.

3. Cancel at that day Dec31, there is no refund.

4. Outdoor activities are lots of uncertain factors, such as force majeure due to weather and joiner safety etc, we might make adjustments to postphone or cancel the trip, if events canceled will full refund.

How to book your hiking trip with HikingLovers?

1. Provide us your personal information for insurance

- Full Name

- Gender


- Date of Birth(DD-MM-YY)

- Passport Number or ID Number

- Phone Number

-Emergency contact name and phone number

2. Pay the deposit to confirm your seat

3. Please contact us via the following:

- WeChat: hikinglovers or hikinglovers-sh1

- Email: [email protected]

- Skype: silver_liyin

- MP: 147 8203 6532 (Silver) or 159 2104 1851 (Jophy)



Passport/ID|Backpack/drag boxes|warm clothes|sunglasses|hat|sunproof|trush bag|some medicine(even we will prepare)|personal things|toileties


1. the whole trip is a just start route, so on the way the food and equipments are not that good( that's the reason why we don't arrange the meals so that you can free choose what you want)

2. Have a good rest, since there is a bit hign altitude, normally 2days you will use to that;

3. Take enough warm cloth, winter it's snow there and quite cold

4. Papers, there is hotel offer you it since they are quite care about the environment

5. Extra cash

6. Keep a happy mood

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