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New Message[What shall we do on December 25?]

Current Events in the Light of the Scriptures

If we do not have the right to keep the heathen festivals with the heathen, how sinful it will be if brothers gather together for such a purpose. Who can bear with this? The Holy Spirit caused the Jews to be ashamed of their festivals. He said, `Your new moons, [Sabbaths,] and your appointed feasts My soul hates' (Isa. 1:14). We who do not have these new moons, Sabbaths, and appointed feasts, which God once loved, how can we turn to celebrate the Saturn festival, the New Year, and the winter solstice? Should we have presents, the ringing sound of New Year's gifts, games, and the noise of feasting? Oh, if the heathen were more faithful to the religion they serve, they would have no need for Christians to join their ceremonies! Even if they were to understand the Lord's Day...would they thereby join us? They would be too afraid of being identified by others as Christians. Yet we are not afraid of being identified as heathen!

This passage shows that the origin of many Christian holy festivals is but a transformation of idol worshipping. Christians were not willing to be set on a hill (Matt. 5:14). As a result, they retreated to the deep valleys and tried to be inconspicuous and unnoticed by the world. (Here we would add a word of love: the present Society for the Promotion of Christianity, together with those who are ignorant of God's heart and His Word, try to utilize our national festivals and Christianize them. But this is to secularize the Christians. What a pity this is!) They followed the heathen to keep their feasts with altered names and titles. But why would they set the Lord's birthday at December 25? Three days prior to this day is the winter solstice, which is the shortest day of the year. After the twenty-fifth, the days begin to be longer. Idol worshippers everywhere in the world take this day as the birthday of the sun god. In Rome at that time, the great festivals were conducted at the grand theaters as celebrations of this feast. The Christians tried to take this date for celebrating the Savior's birth. If we read the words of the ancient father ______, we will realize that this date was ordained by men only. He said: