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Beijing to promote NEVs through policies rather than subsidies

Source: Economic Information Daily | Date: Dec. 10

  • In the first three quarters of the year, a total of 23,200 new-energy vehicles were sold in Beijing. The impressive sales were achieved against a backdrop of gradually reduced subsidies. In 2017, the Beijing municipal government will cut its subsidies for NEVs by 20% from 2016.

  • With subsidies to be phased out, Beijing plans to promote such vehicles through policies. Dong Yang, Secretary-General of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, says that car-purchase curbs and traffic restrictions are one of the major reasons behind the booming NEV market. Beijing has aborted license-plate lottery for NEVs, and will levy congestion and emissions fees on traditional cars.

  • Industry experts suggest that Beijing formulate feasible policies that will benefit the industry in the long term. Meanwhile, government resources should be leveraged to cultivate and improve the soft environment for NEV usage. The Beijing municipal government is stepping up efforts to strengthen the construction of a soft environment so as to accelerate NEV promotion.