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New Message[What shall we do on December 25?]

Current Events in the Light of the Scriptures

Oh, in this age of apostasy, God's children have to be very careful. The standard of our walk is not whether or not God has forbidden something, but whether or not God has commanded something. Not only should we refrain from that which God has forbidden, but we should not do that which God has not commanded. If God's children would obey God's word in this way, will there be any ground left for man's tradition and system? But it is regrettable that man always wants to avoid the sharp edge of the sword of the Spirit. As long as something is not forbidden, even though there is no commandment from God, and even though the matter is absolutely contrary to the spirit of the cross of the Lord Jesus, the fact that there is no explicit prohibition means that one can therefore act according to the flesh! How feeble is such a heart in obeying God's word!

Let us come back to the subject of the Savior's "Christmas." Our wise Lord has known that the remembrance of this day is useless. This is why we cannot find from the Bible the month and the day that Christ was born. In writing the Bible, the Holy Spirit purposely obliterated this date. This shows the Lord's intention concerning this matter. What a pity that many people are still conjecturing according to their mind. The Bible did not mention December 25. But how did man come up with December 25?