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Passenger cars in China arrive at period of frequent maintenance

Source: | Date: Dec. 10

  • The first white paper on the use of China's passenger vehicles in 2015 was released in Beijing on Dec. 8. The white paper focuses on the analysis of the current market situation and the use of passenger vehicles in China based on driving behaviors of owners and the distribution of maintenance technicians and potential customers.

  • According to the report, joint ventures have taken up a larger market share than domestic brands in China. The total market share controlled by BYD, Changan, Geely, and Great Wall Motor only stands at 48.15%, and none of these domestic brands stands out.

  • The report points out that the average age of Chinese passenger vehicles is 3.3 years in general while that of first-tier cities reaches 3.6 years. Passenger vehicles in China have entered into the period of frequent maintenance. And there have been signs indicating that the market demand of automobiles is moving to third- and fourth-tier cities and is transferring from East to West in China.

  • In addition, the fuel and air detection system and safe driving system of passenger vehicles in China are often found defective. And the quality of driver protection system of domestic brands in China should also be improved.

  • As customers have begun to pay more attention to consumption quality since 2012, improving customer service has become a source of profit growth. However, overall, quality of China’s auto market still needs improving and market problems including poor performance in customer service remain to be solved.