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What do you Stand on?

I stand on my own two legs, it's not a trick question...but obviously deeper than that.


I stand on the principle that Teaching is one of the last salvation's on earth. So I dedicate my life in my own selfish view of helping the world, helping the earth. And this mighty earth, we're carving you up like a Thanksgiving turkey.

Talking, communicating...we now "Text Talk." Most teachers in China without

autocorrection would be at a no higher level of spelling than their students.


WeChat allows us to pay with our phones. The other day a local neighborhood market owner told me they only take WeChat pay now, no more paper money and no more debit cards. When I asked why he said,


"Soon in China, we will have 1 everything and that's WeChat."


I didn't know what to say, grabbed my bags and left wondering... In China, and in the future, what currency are we standing on?


"Principles". I stand on my own principles, rules & laws I was told to remember and tested on. What are your principles? I asked 50 people and this is what I learned:


1. Communication: mixed in with honesty.

2. Cheating: although it happens.

3. Work Ethic: Quick! Be judgmental right now and think of all of your coworkers' work ethic and compare what you have and don't have with them.

4. Pay for Dinner: men speaking out about old-school traditions. Very interesting.

5. Fairness/Open Mindedness: a combination really.


Love, family, friends and art. All top 4 for me never mentioned. But when it REALLY comes down to it, what we stand on are our own feelings of what is Right and Wrong, correct?

I love to think that it would be merely common sense. You know the basics: don't kill, rape, pillage, the obvious characteristics of a human monster. DON'T DO THAT!


"James, I stand on moral integrity."...thinking to myself: their morals are the opposite of mine. How could I believe in theirs? What most people stand on is job security. Paycheck to paycheck. Most people I meet in Beijing are not from Beijing. All flocking to a job, some money. Something to Stand On. I stand because I generally can't sit still. I stand on the assumption that I don't get to see most of my friends because of my working hours and where I live, but that our Love doesn't diminish through time apart. So I stand on Love, Friendship and Faith obviously... always forget to mention Faith, even though most times it's all we have. I stand on the Faith and Hope that some of these words can reach you when needed. 

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and stories about any and all of this.

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