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Pubs in Chongqing

Feiyu Music Pub

From the front door to the interior, there is a curved path paved with stones. Customers can drink and chat outdoors in the spacious teahouse, as well as listen to songs indoors as there are on-the-spot playing and singing performances every night. In addition, there is a minimum consumption.

Recommended: Long Island Ice Tea, Paulaner White Beer

Address: F2, Hongyadong Scenic Spot, No. 56, Cangbai Road, Yuzhong District
Kusunokicho Izakaya
The rich Japanese décor gives a feeling similar to a Japanese izakaya.

Recommended: Umeshu, Wasabi Octopus

Address: 42-10, Building A, Hongding International Mansion, Jiangbei District (IMIX PARK)
With an old factory style, it provides various kinds of imported beer, cocktails, foreign and red wine, as well as barbeque dishes.

Recommended: Beer, barbeques dishes

Address: Upstairs of Happy Day KTV, Shanghaicheng Back Street, Nanping, Nan'an District
Bob Bar
With beer, cocktails, and Black Magic provided, it is suitable for friends who love coffee and cocktails.

Recommended: Mojito, Long Island Ice Tea, Estrella Beer

Address: 13AO2, Building A, Xichengtianjie, Yangjiaping, Jiulongpo District
CLUB U LIKE Studio Pub
It is an American country style pub with a professional studio where one can be a microphone hog while drinking.

Recommended: Long Island Ice Tea

Address: No. 65, 66, LG Floor, Deyi World, Jiaochangkou, Jiefangbei
Time Garden Pub
The pleasant and quiet environment, where customers can also take a ride on the whirligig. Its representative cocktail – "Rainbow Cocktail" with unique colour and taste is very popular.

Recommended: "Rainbow Cocktail", cocktail ice cream

Address: Roof of F4, Langqing Plaza, Jiangbei District
It is a Japanese-style pub with a number of decorations for display. Many people go there for its Kokuto Umeshu.

Recommended: Kokuto Umeshu, Broiled River Eel

Address: 18-24, Building C, Hongding International Mansion, No. 8, Jianxinbei Road, Guanyinqiao, Jiangbei District
Music House
The pub, owned by a former musician, has foreign girls singing on the spot. It is featured by its afternoon tea, but there are only drinks at night.

Recommended: Corona Beer plus lemon

Address: 8 Area, Liujia Wharf, 1st Beibin Road
Joy Pub
It is quite suitable for young people

Recommended: Parisian Blonde, Pink Lady, Armageddon

Address: Behind Traveling Bestone, F1, Langqing Plaza Hall, No. 8, Xihuan Road, Jiangbei District