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Dutch photography master shoots "Chongqing Interiors"

On August 30th, on Nan'an District's Huangjueya Old Street, photographer Robert was spotted taking a picture of a family in the old street.

On August 30th, Dutch photography master Robert Van Der Hilst was shooting a family in Huangjueya Old Street. While shooting, this 75-year-old foreigner praised, "Chongqing is so beautiful!" A week ago, Robert came to Chongqing to find long-time families for the "Chongqing Interiors" theme shooting. On September 16th, 30 of his photography works taken in Chongqing will be exhibited.
According to Guido Tielman, the consul general of the Dutch Consulate-General in Chongqing, “Robert came to Chongqing for shooting at our invitation as we hope to preserve Chongqing's traditional old streets and historical and cultural characteristics.”
Robert once visited over 2,000 Chinese families in China's 24 provinces within six years to shoot the large-scale photography collection – "Chinese Interiors", and was invited to act as the president of the judging panel for China Pingyao International Photography Festival in 2004.