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Chinese/French couple's special wedding photos

Sichuan girl "sammi9933" and Thomas formed a relationship from a Sino-France cultural exchange wine party last year. At that time, Thomas was the director of food and beverage at a hotel in Chongqing. When he saw the beautiful and sunny Sichuan girl, he exclaimed from the bottom of his heart, "So beautiful! I know I love her by the first sight!".
As to her first impression of Thomas, "sammi9933" also described it as "very good". In her words, the meeting with Thomas "lighted up her eyes". Since then, the two started communicating more and more with each other.
Upon entering the marriage hall, Thomas who loves romance expressed that he was sure to find a special place for their wedding photos. After seeing a report on the "Beams of Sunlight" in Mt. Wuling Great Rift Valley on the internet, he firmly believed that it was just the special place he had wanted to find.