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2015 Nanbin Beer Festival kicks off

At 20:00 on August 29th, the 2015 Nanbin Chongqing Beer Festival had its grand opening while beer lovers and music lovers across the city drank to their hearts' content together with the music, proposing a toast for this annual grand event.
At the scene of Nanbin Beer Festival, the public were spotted drinking beer to their hearts' content.
The beer festival will last till September 9th with various delicate hot and spicy foods provided and multiple interactive games set during the period.
The site of this year's beer festival covers an area of over 20,000 square metres, which is one third larger than that of last year, making it the largest beer festival in Chongqing since it was first held. "Chongqing Beer Group has brought 2,000 bottles of beer and 2,000 buckets of draught beer now, and we expect that the sale will certainly be larger than that of last year," said the organizer.
At the scene of Nanbin Beer Festival, foods were popular.
Beer and music are inseparable. At the beer festival, Chongqing Beer Music Square has created a new visual and music feast. From the opening day, Lin Xiaopei, NZBZ, the Hormones, Mosaic, Mosak, and Son of Chongqing will take turns to bring different music to the scene.
From September 3rd to 5th, the beer festival will launch the Chongqing Night of Trend starred by the "Queen of Pole Dancing" Huang Yuerong, the Champion of the Year for Super Diva on Dragon TV.
Foreign actors put on a performance to add to the fun of the beer festival.
There are two beer sheds at the scene - namely "Chongqing Beer Shed" and "JOVO Literature & Art Bar", decorated in their red and blue brand designs. During the beer festival, spectacular theme parties will be launched with different DJs and party styles to be shown in the two sheds.
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Ticket price: Except for the Music Square that needs an admission ticket, the two sheds are admission free. There are three kinds of admission tickets for the Music Square respectively at a price of 168 yuan, 128 yuan, and 98 yuan that are priced according to the locations of the seats, and one can get a cup of beer after buying one ticket. In addition, the public can also buy tickets on the spot.
Beer price: One can buy a cup of Chongqing Beer or draught beer with a volume of 700ml at a price of 4 yuan. In addition, one can also buy delicious snacks and foods at "Authentic Taiwan Snacks" and "Chinese Street Flavours – Special Snacks Alliance".
Parking: Cars can be parked at related parking lots around First Avenue, Dongyuan 1891, Sheraton Hotel and Jiangnan Gymnasium.

Business hours: 17:30-22:30