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Review of the 50th Regular Meeting

Review of the 50th Regular Meeting

Ningbo Better Man Toastmasters Club


New Guests

    We had six new guests at the meeting.There were two special guests,one came from Shanghai, the other came from Dalian.

    It is people's attention that impels us to do better.

    Ningbo Better Man welcome friends 

from other clubs.


Warm Up


Table Topic | Mini Debate: 

 Is it more efficient learning by yourself than learning from others?





A’s viewpoint:Learning by yourself is more efficient than learning from others.Because learning from others is only a tool ,a way of the realization of learning by yourself.

B’s viewpoint:Learning from others is more important and critical than learning by yourself.We can’t learn any more by locking ourselves,enclosing ourselves,locking our phones.Learning from others is more powerful and impactful.

It was a new form of table topic,thanks to the new exploration Lilian brought for us.All  members enjoyed it and learned something from the debate.


Prepared Speech

Practice makes perfect is bullshit  | Kathy,CC1

    It was Kathy's first speech in club.Her confidence and fluent English left us a deep impression.

Love story  | Susan,CC5

    Susan shared her stories with her husband through some details.

    It is lucky to find a person who can give you warmth,power and a sense of safety.Hope all of you a perfect love.

We are star dust | Abdel,CC5

   Abdel brought us surprise once again.He led us to think about human beings .

The Monkey King | Wade,CC6

    Wade told the story named “Beat the White Bone Demon for Three Times”.His description was full of color.Also Wade used vivid gestures. In this story ,Wade promoted that the question is not “to kill or not to kill ”,but should be“to believe or not to believe”.


GE Team

GE:Alex Sun

Ah-Counter:James Song

Timer:Lily Jin

Grammarian:Peggy Lu


Award Session

The best speaker: Abdel

The best evaluator: Alex

The best role:Lilian

The best table topic speaker:Abdel


Lovely Moments

    Our members actively participated in  discussions.

    Communication shortened the distance between us.

Ningbo Better Man, To be a Better One!

About Ningbo Better Man Toastmasters Club

Time: 14:00-16:00 Every Saturday

Venue: The 5th Space, Rihu Park, Jiangbei, Ningbo (日湖公園,五號空間)

For Guests:

All guests are welcome to our meetings. The first 3 times are free. Then please pay 20 yuan for each meeting service.

How to apply for membership?

Please contact our Vice President of Membership Olivia 

(Wechat ID: Olivia_Tsui_0327)