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Review of 49th Meeting-Speech Marathon

Speech Marathon

Ningbo Betterman Toastmasters Club

The rain can not stop the steps of our fantastic guests. Why is this meeting so attractive?

Ningbo Betterman will never let you down. 

Come on.


A Special Girl —

Jessica, P1 (Ice Breaking)

Jessica introduced herself to audience. She is so confident and so fluent on the stage. It's hard to tell that she used to be a shy girl.


To be a Better Conversationalist —

John, P3

7 Tips to a Better Conversation.

In a word, be interested in others.


Life is All about Breakthrough 

Olivia, P3

3 Ways to Breakthrough

Be yourself. Stick to it. Try new things.


Poundering on the Contrast Effect

Phoebe, P6

Our beautiful Phoebe tells some interesting stories of contrast effect. And she suggests how we should use it in the beneficial way. 


To be Curious

Andy, P6

Andy tells two stories to explain why we should be curious. And he gives 3 tips: question,open mind, and explore. 


My First Trip Abroad

Shelley, P1 ( Ice-Breaking)

To travel is to live.

Shelley shows us a primary school teacher who loves to explore life.


How to be Self-confident

Ellison, P2

Believe in Yourself

Nobody is perfect, and it's fine.


My Precious Gift from TMC

Michelle, P5

Positive Feedback is a Precious Gift

Michelle gets from Toastmasters. Do you want it too?


The Secret of Interview

Paul, P7

As an experienced HR, Paul shares with us 

3 secrets that HR won't tell:

Mind your behavior.

Speak your point.

Never ask salary.

Our experienced evaluators bring quality feedback to help everybody learn more.


Evaluator of Jessica and Shelley

Peter Cheng

Evaluator of John and Ellison 


Evaluator of Olivia and Michelle

Alex Sun

Evaluator of Andy and Paul

Carmen Wang

Evaluator of Phoebe

Award Session

Jessica and Shelley get their certificate of membership from our VPM Olivia after their ice breaking speech. Congratulations!

Best Speaker: Andy, Phoebe, Michelle

Best Evaluator: Alex, Abdel

President Benny:"Well done! Good job!"

It's the birthday of our member Jessica. Our considerate VPM Olivia on behalf of the club 

sends her the birthday wishes and gift. 

Happy Birthday Jessica!

Review Meeting

23 people participate in our review meeting after the regular meeting. How passionate they are!

We care about even small details.

Don't let go of any chance to improve.

Ningbo Betterman, To be a Better One!

About Ningbo Betterman Toastmasters Club

Time: 14:00-16:00 Every Saturday

Venue: The 5th Space, Rihu Park, Jiangbei, Ningbo (日湖公園,五號空間)

For Guests

20 yuan for each meeting. FREE for 1st three times.

How to apply for membership?

Please contact our Vice President of Membership Olivia 

(Wechat ID: Olivia_Tsui_0327)