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Proposal for graduates leave school with civilization

Dear graduates of the 2017 class:

    First of all, congratulations on your hard work, graduating as scheduled, and opening a new chapter in your life. Now, You are going to leave the school soon. In order to create a peaceful environment for the school and show the civilized style of the students, we send the following suggestions to the graduates :

    First,actively obey the organization and arrangement of schools and colleges, and handle the school leaving procedures on time.

    Two,consciously abide by the rules of the school, do not damage the school and personal image. Do not fight, drink, do not violate the regulations, use fire and electricity safely, pay attention to fire prevention, theft, take care for teaching facilities and public facilities.

    Three,take care of public property in the dormitory, pay attention to hygiene. Before leaving school to ensure indoor furniture intact, not in the bedroom graffiti,not burning things.

    We sincerely wish all 2017 graduates healthy, successful and safe in life! We hope you will have time to visit your alma mater!

                        International School

Shenyang Jianzhu University

June 30, 2017