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New Jiejie Decorates an "Aquatic Squad" Baby Mobile

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It is known that playful and colorful things bring joy and smiles to little babies. New jiějiě (姐姐 or older sister) Rosa thinks that a baby mobile would be a great present for her younger sibling who was born last year. So the first-grader at AIDI School, together with her art teacher Li Yanyan introduced to beijingkids her handcrafted gift: a cute aquatic squad of water loving creatures to decorate the baby mobile for her new sibling.

Felt sheet
Plastic eyes
Craft scissors
Woolen string
Glue gun and glue stick

Suitable for
Kids 8+ (adult supervision needed)

Estimated time
1 hour

Step 1  Using a felt sheet of your liking, trace the animal (in this example, a baby croc) and its features like rigid back, belly, and teeth.

Step 2  Cut out each shape carefully and decorate with eyes. Then stick small circles of clay on the sheet and press them to give the appearance of small scales and a snout.

Step 3  Our cuddly croc is now ready, but it needs more friends. So, let’s trace other animals like a dolphin, a seahorse, and a crab to keep him company!

Step 4  Twist a woolen string then paste it on the croc with hot glue. Then string all of the other animals together at random.

The newly formed aquatic squad is now ready to drive this baby mobile around in circles for countless hours of fun filled baby entertainment!

This article appeared on p. 32-33 of beijingkids July issue. Download a digital copy on the Magazine tab in the menu.

Photos: Uni You

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