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Apple's iPhone 8 might come in new 'mirror' color

A new rumor from leaker Benjamin Geskin says Apple's upcoming OLED iPhone — or iPhone 8, if that's what it'll be called — will come in four colors, including an entirely new one: "mirror."

Geskin shared no details about the new color, and the photos he supplied were photos of an iPhone in a mirror-colored case, not photos of the iPhone 8.

We haven't heard that particular rumor before, but it does make sense. With nearly every iPhone launch, Apple has been able to dictate the hot smartphone color of the year — with the iPhone 7 it was Jet Black, with the iPhone 6S it was Rose Gold, and with the iPhone 5S it was Gold. 

All the leaked iPhone 8/OLED pics we've seen so far had the device in black or white, and if the rumors about the phone's edge-to-edge display are true, the color that makes the most sense is black (or shiny black), as it would make the screen blend in with the rest of the phone even more. 

But Apple will want to make the maximum impact with its 10th anniversary iPhone (the original iPhone came out in 2007), and an exciting new color fits the bill nicely — even if it's just a bit more polished variant of Jet Black. 

We'll monitor the rumor mill for more confirmation (or denial) of the new color. It's finally something exciting after a bit of a depressing week, in which we've heard that the wireless charging for the iPhone 8 might be late, and that the new phone might not have a fingerprint scanner at all.

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