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Review of the 51th Regular Meeting


Review of the 51th Regular Meeting

Ningbo Better Man Toastmasters Club


New Guests

    We had eight new guests in the meeting.With more and more people joined us, our team was getting stronger and stronger.


Share Time

 Lilian  shared something about the  Toastmasters events of Club Officers Training  and Speech contest to help members know  much  more about Toastmasters education.      Besides, she  explained how to organize an  event in Toastmasters  and how to apply this  skill to your work. 


Table Topic  

How do you think about our club?

They share their feeling about our club. They all performed very well,especially the sixteen years old girl on the right upper 2nd picture. Her pronunciation was great.


Prepared Speech

Invisible Enemies | Fredy,CC3

    He is a humorous man. His speech was very funny.He figured out many invisible enemies around us, and how to face them.

How Could Knowledge Chang Our Life

  | Jack,CC4

    Jack shared his stories about what he had changed through toastmasters .Very impressive.

Feedback | Benny,CC4

   Benny shared a story about  how the feedback effects a person.He told us how to use the feedback to develop ourselves.

Are Tough Times Hurtful Or Useful

 | Peter M,CC5

Peter examined 3 situations that he has experienced and that was common to others. Understanding our reactions can help us make sense of our situation.


GE Team

GE:Olive Tsui

Ah-Counter:Peggy Lu

Timer:Andy Guo



Award Session

The best speaker: Peter M

The best evaluator: Alex

The best role:Rui

The best table topic speaker:Peter M


Lovely Moments

   Our members and guests discussed fircely during break time. Communication shortened the distance between us.

Ningbo Better Man, To be a Better One!

About Ningbo Better Man Toastmasters Club

Time: 14:00-16:00 Every Saturday

Venue: The 5th Space, Rihu Park, Jiangbei, Ningbo (日湖公園,五號空間)

For Guests:

All guests are welcome to our meetings. The first 3 times are free. Then please pay 20 yuan for each meeting service.

How to apply for membership?

Please contact our Vice President of Membership Olivia 

(Wechat ID: Olivia_Tsui_0327)