On July 3, China Automotive Technology & Research Center (CATRC) held the 2nd Group, 2017 C-NCAP Results Announcement in Tianjin. With an excellent performance of 57.7 points, GS8 obtained 5-star safety ratings and outperformed its counterparts, becoming the "safety champion" of medium and large-sized SUVs since adoption of new test standards by C-NCAP and setting a safety benchmark of the medium and large-sized SUV. 


GS8 obtained the highest score of C-NCAP in medium and large-sized SUV 

C-NCAP is the highest assessment standard in China’s automobile safety sector. In particular, CATRC, since adoption of C-NCAP Management Regulation (edition 2015) and collision standard, has put forward stricter requirements to the safety of products to be tested. In the second batch of collision test in 2017, GS8 lived up to expectations and obtained 5-star safety ratings with an outstanding performance of 57.7 points, which is the highest score among medium and large-sized SUVs since implementation of the Management Regulations (edition 2015) and exceeds that of counterparts such as Highlander (55.5 points), EDGE (56.5 points), Changan CS95 (54.1 points) and Haval H7 (57.4points). That manifests GAC MOTOR's system strength in insistence on forward development and international quality standard to manufacture vehicles in an all-round manner. 

 The moment of GS8's 100% front collision against a rigid wall

In the test of 100% front collision against a rigid wall, GS8 got a high score of 16.37 points: front cabin crumpled due to energy absorption and airbags popped up normally; column A incurred no obvious deformation; four doors could be opened normally; passengers were fully protected. In the strictest 40% front offset collision test, GS8 won a high score of 16.73 points: front anti-collision steel beams fully transmitted collision energy, front cabins crumpled due to energy absorption and airbags popped out normally; Column A incurred no obvious deformation and four doors could be opened normally. In the side collision test, GS8 got a full score of 18.00 points: side air curtains and airbags popped out correctly; Column B incurred no obvious deformation; side anti-collision steel beams ensured the safety of passengers. GS8 performed well in the seat whiplash test, obtaining 3.57 points. Three items for awarded scores (3 points): reminder of side seat belts for front passengers, side airbags and air curtains and ESC device. 

 In the front collision test: the dummy in the car was fully protected and doors could be opened normally 

High-tech 5-star safety ratings provide you with safe travel

GS8 was designed according to the standard higher than 5-star safety ratings. And it takes 5 years to develop GS8 based on G-CPMA. The second-generation GAC (geometric absorption control) technology tested on multiple models is adopted for GS8 with utilization ratio of high-strength steel in passenger compartment exceeding 95% and compressive strength on the roof and maximum pressure of resistance to extrusion at side doors far higher than regulatory requirements. Meanwhile, GS8 is provided with Bosch's nine-generation ESP 9.1 and 8 airbags, ensuring driving safety in a comprehensive manner. 


High-strength steel security body of GAC 2.0

By virtue of product value beyond users' expectations, GS8, with supply failing to meet demands since its launch, has exceeded 10,000 units in sales for two consecutive months. Limited by insufficient supply of transmissions, GS8 achieved total sales of over 43,500 units from January to May, creating the best sales among Chinese luxury flagship SUVs. GS8 obtained C-NCAP 5-star safety ratings with a high score, reaching win-win results in market and brand with increasingly mature quality.