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Any foodie? Tokyo Welcomes You!

Where to Eat in Tokyo?

For a good inexpensive meal, visit a shokudō

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Usually found at train stations and tourist sites, a regular meal usually includes a main dish of meat or fish, rice, miso soup and salad, for around ¥1000 (CNY60=US$10). 

For a delicious bowls of noodles, visit a tachigui

Usually located in and around train stations, for as little as ¥350 (CNY20=US$3.50) per bowl. If you prefer to sit while you eat, for under ¥1000 you can visit Nagi in Shinjuku.

Sushi lovers on a budget can always try kaiten-zushi for a casual lunch or dinner. Dishes are priced from ¥100 to ¥500

Convenience stores (Lawsons, 7-Eleven and Family Mart) stock sandwiches, rice balls, hot dishes and drinks:

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The perfect choice for a drink is a izakaya, the Japanese equivalent of a pub:

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