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Waving That Itch Goodbye: Pregnancy Bump Oil

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This oil is just part of the friendship story between these two female business partners. Astra Holmes and Jess Meider have been friends for 12 years, while they have only been creating The Green Roomoils for just over a year now. When Meider became pregnant for the second time, her belly expanded and got itchy as growing bumps tend to do. As a result of this discomfort, Holmes and Meider experimented with a variety of oils to create their own specific blend that would help with this itch caused by the belly growth that occurs during pregnancy.

It’s a common problem to have a dry and itchy belly when pregnant as the skin is expanding together with the uterus. When you combine this with hormonal changes, these can all be likely causes to blame. Although The Green Room’s oil is created with pregnant bellies in mind, it’s also great for severely dry skin. I myself have been using the oil on my elbows and hands and so far it’s definitely helped significantly especially in this dry Beijing heat.

Because of the heightened sense of smell of pregnant women, Meider and Holmes decided to leave fragrance out. In the future they will have a separate perfume that can be added to the oil if fragrance is wanted.

Initially, Meider and Holmes first tested several versions of the oils themselves and finally came out with two that they were pleased with and thought ready to put into production. The two women found a group of 16 pregnant women all over Beijing to try out both oils. The testing phase took around three months from beginning to end and resulted in belly oil that is quick absorbing and soothing for itchy bellies. Some of the ingredients include almond to encourage healing of dry irritated skin, jojoba to add a protective layer, coconut to prevent moisture loss and help reduce stretch marks, and wheat germ with its high content of vitamin E to moisturize and maintain suppleness.

It’s the combination of these natural items that have not only created an effective product, but that have also solved this common problem of dry scratchy skin since they launched a year ago.

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Photos: Courtesy of The Green Room

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