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The 53th Regular Meeting| Investment


Ningbo Better Man 

   It is enthusiasm,friendship  and a positive attitude towards life that bring us together again.This time we will talk something about investment.And today is also a special day,Great heat.


      7.22  Great heat

        ·the hotest day in the whole year

  As high temperatures continue to claim lives,we can do the following little things to prevent sunstroke:

    1.stay out of the sun and remain cool.

    2.drink salt water and light soft drinks.

    3.keep a good mood.

     Wish you a colorful summer!

Table Topic

Investment | TTM Bob Lu

    What is investment?I think most of people may know it.But I still want to give a brief explaination. Investment is the act of putting money,effort,time ,etc. into something to make a profit or get an advantage. Most of us  just know it , but don't act it . If we know the charm of investment,then I think we will fall in love with it.So I think it's necessary to talk about this topic with you guys, if you are interested in it and want to share your experience with us, please come and join us.

Prepared Speech


Job like a marathon|Jessica Hu

  Do you like your current job?Maybe someone will say yes,someone will say no or I don't know.I suppose all of you have different feelings about your current job. In my opinion, job like a marathon.


Less is more|Ping

  We usually demand and ask for more. But is it really better to get more? In many cases, we need to think about doing the opposite.


To be tourists or travellers|Jack Wang

  When was your last trip?Why did you  travel to that place?What did you achieve from that trip?Are you a tourist or a traveller?Today,I wanna discuss the differences between them with you.


When a child breaks a glass|Michelle

   Almost every child can break things in family, but what happens after that can be very interesting. Let me show you how different parenting makes different children.

How to join us

Time: 14:00-16:00, Every Sat.

Venue: The Fifth Space, Rihu Park, Jiangbei, Ningbo (日湖公園五號空間)

Fee: Members: Free

        Guests: 20 RMB each meeting. (FREE for the first 3 times).

How to apply for membership?

Please contact : 

Vice President of Membership Olivia

 (Wechat ID: Olivia_Tsui_0327)