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Tickets Open for Liam Gallagher's Debut China Tour

British rock singer-songwriter Liam Gallagher will make his debut tour in China by visiting Beijing on August 10 and Shenzhen on August 12. According to YL Live, the organizer of Gallagher’s upcoming China tour, tickets sale have started from 3 p.m. on June 14. Presale tickets opened on May 18, which sold big. Fans can go purchase tickets by visiting /247tickets.comor  

Gallagher plays new music at Manchester benefit show

As one of the most influential rock stars of UK, Gallagher has been in the limelight for about three decades. The rock singer-songwriter is known for his unique voice and his talent for songwriting, which won him numerous of fans worldwide. 

On May 30 (local time in UK), Gallagher kicked off his debut tour as a solo artist by playing a hometown concert in Manchester, England. To benefit the families of the bombing victims at the Manchester Arena on May 22, all profits from his first gig will go to the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund. On June 4 (local time in UK), Gallagher joined in Ariana Grande's One Love Manchester benefit show. He took the stage with members of UK rock band Coldplay to perform the classic hit, Live Forever, as a tribute to the bombing victims. 

Gallagher plans to perform new tracks during China tour from his solo album 

On May 31 (local time in UK), Gallagher has released his latest single, Wall of Glass, from his upcoming album, titled As You Were, which is expected in October. He has unveiled this debut solo single, at the emotional Manchester charity concert. Music video of the single has also been released online. Fans have gained a fresh perspective about the singer-songwriter. With raucous power chords, pounding drums and wailing harmonica, Gallagher snarls in the song with his trademark voice. 

In the interviews Gallagher did with Chinese media, the singer-songwriter unveils that he is going to perform some of his new songs as well as his classic hits. “It will be one big surprise – can’t wait!” said Gallagher. Chinese fans in Beijing and Shenzhen will have the chance to listen to the rock star’s new materials right before the release of his new album this October.

This summer, let’s witness the history of Gallagher’s debut China tour, which surely will take fans back to the memory lane of the golden days of British rock. 

英倫搖滾傳奇主唱Liam Gallagher中國巡演正式開票


讓中國樂迷苦等了26年的英倫搖滾傳奇主唱Liam Gallagher的首次中國巡演,將在今夏8月10日、8月12日分別於北京、深圳舉行!主辦方永樂演藝已宣佈本次巡演於6月14日下午15:00正式開票。據悉,永樂票務已於5月18日開啟北京站、深圳站演出門票預售。截至目前,兩站演出門票均僅剩少量餘票。樂迷可前往永樂票務網站或登陸永樂票務APP瞭解更多演出信息進行購買。 

英倫搖滾時代標誌 積極獻身曼城公益 

Liam Gallagher曾擔任知名英倫搖滾樂隊主唱,標誌性的嗓音定義了一個時代,叱吒風雲的成就統領了一代風潮,如雷貫耳的大名代表了Britpop的全盛巔峰時期。他是英倫搖滾史上風頭最勁的主唱之一,更是全球樂迷景仰的搖滾偶像。

今年5月30日(英國時間),Liam Gallagher已正式開啟首次個人巡演的旅程。巡演的第一場,Liam Gallagher選在了家鄉曼徹斯特。為了幫助數天前曼城遭受恐襲的受害者及其家人,本次演唱會的所有收益都被捐獻給We Love Manchester Emergency基金會。隨後的6月4日(英國時間),Liam Gallagher作為壓軸作秀嘉賓,驚喜出現在由美國歌手亞莉安娜(Ariana Grande)組織的曼徹斯特慈善演唱會現場,與Coldplay同台演唱經典曲目《Live Forever》,讓全球樂迷感動落淚。

個人新專輯十月發行 中國巡演現場新歌搶先聽 

除積極獻身公益事業,今年5月31日(英國時間),Liam Gallagher全新單曲《Wall of Glass》正式全球發佈,官方MV也同步上線。與以往不同的是,這首歌的製作更加註重貝斯低音線條的處理,不僅兼顧了Liam的聲音特色,又給他的作品帶來了全新的角度。強大的吉他音牆和Liam強大的嗓音,讓聽眾能夠處處感受到他噴薄而發的力量,為全球深愛他的樂迷帶來驚喜,也以此掀起樂界對英倫搖滾的全新關註。

據悉,Liam Gallagher首張全新個人專輯《As You Were》將會於今年10月正式對外發佈。而在中國記者前期的採訪中,當被問及本次8月的中國巡演現場是否會演唱新專輯歌曲時,Liam Gallagher回答道:“我要唱的歌應該是以前經典的老歌和現在一些新歌的結合,會是不錯的混搭!”可見,本次北京站、深圳站的演出現場,樂迷們將有幸在新專輯正式發佈之前,搶先聽到Liam Gallagher的全新曲目,相信這會讓中國的樂迷對本次演出多一份期待。

這個夏天,讓我們共同見證屬於Liam Gallagher美好而難忘的夜晚!致敬那個讓我們感動過、激情過的英倫搖滾巔峰時代!8月,現場見!

2017 Liam Gallagher Beijing Concert

Time: 8pm, August 10, 2017

Venue: National Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium

Price: RMB 1480, 980, 480


2017 Liam Gallagher Shenzhen Concert

Time: 8pm, August 12, 2017

Venue: CR Shenzhen Bay Sports Center Arena

Price: RMB 1480, 980, 680, 380


點擊原文購票!Click "Read more" to buy tickets!

Concert Date: Saturday, August 12, 2017, starts at 8:00pm 

Pricing Info: ¥1480/980/680/380

Place Name & Address: Shenzhen Bay, Nanshan Sports Center (Spring Cocoon), Interchange of Haide 3 Rd and Keyuan Venue, Nanshan District, Shenzhen 深圳市南山區海德三道與科苑大道交口處深圳灣體育館春繭 

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