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Wooask User Marketing and Exchanges Conference in Thailand


WooAsk User Marketing and Exchanges Conference Successfully held in Thailand. 

WooAsk App 2.0 user marketing and exchanges conference was successfully held in Bangkok, Thailand on June 8th 2017. The new version of WooAsk mobile application 2.0 is officially online and released to the world.


發佈會現場圖片 Photo of the event 

The Thai tourism bureau and the Thai telecommunications authorities have attended the event. "WooAsk effectively solved the problem of cross-country, trans-language communication issues. Wooask is not only support Thai user interface but also translation between Thai and many other languages, Wooask supported 10 major language interfaces and also 29 languages real-time translation capabilities. I believe WooAsk shall help to promote the development of Thailand Chinese tourism and trade business, and Thailand Telecom will fully support APP's development in Thailand'. " said the senior vice-president of Thailand telecom (TOT) Mr. Songchai.


WooAsK 2.0 has optimized user experience, devotes to break language barriers and addresses language communication issues that users encounter in different scenarios. Make it easier for foreigners to communicate and make friends in China, making their life easier in China. WooAsk supports mobile registration for more than 200 countries worldwide and supports 10 major language display interface. 29 languages spontaneous translation as your very own translator like. Travel abroad without language barrier. For interested users please search WooAsk in Apple App Store or Google Play Store for download, or visit for more information.

咨尋APP2.0(英文名稱:WooAsk)是在1.0的基礎上,優化了使用者體驗,致力於打通語言障礙,解決使用者在不同場場景下遇到的語言交流問題。使外國人在中國能無語言障礙交流、交友,使他們在中國的生活更方便。咨尋APP支持全球200多個國家的行動電話註冊,支持10種主流語言界面顯示,提供29種語言對話實時翻譯功能,猶如你的隨身翻譯官,使出國觀光不再有語言障礙。使用者如感興趣可到各大應用市場搜尋“咨尋”下載體驗,或訪問”咨尋” 官網 瞭解更多信息。 

WooAsk was launched in CES Las Vegas USA on January 6st 2017 and has been approved by various parties for its efficient . WooAsk users are growing significantly. It shall soon become a powerful tool for traveller, international business and cross language social networking. Also addresses to help along in the Belt and Road economical policy for trading and tourism business between China and other countries.


美國拉斯維加斯CES發佈會圖片Photo of WooAsk launch at the CES Las Vegas USA

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