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Workshop | How to Outsmart Your Stress

Feeling stressed out at work and in life? Easily anxious and irritable? Craving more dessert and coffee? Having trouble sleeping or feeling tired anyway no matter how much you sleep? Or simply cannot shed off your belly fat no matter how you diet and exercise? Watch out, it’s highly possible that your stress hormone cortisol may be through the roof!

Excessive exposure to high level of cortisol erodes our brain, weakens our immune system, and makes us fat! Do you know that our stress hormone is also contagious, especially when you are in a leadership position?! As a leader in company or a parent at home, not managing your stress well may make you a source of second-hand stress unconsciously.

So why is that and what to do? The answers are simple and they lie in our own brain. In fact, do you know that we can literally REWIRE our brain on our own to fundamentally change the way we react to stressors in life and at work?

Together with Elise, let’s hack into our own brain and nervous system to demystify the stress response, and acquire evidence-rich yet simple strategies and techniques to rewire your brain and outsmart your stress. By having your stress hormone level under control and triggering its natural antidote in your body, you can easily improve your resilience, wellbeing, and happiness.

About the Speaker

Elise Zhu is an Organizational Psychologist, who works as an Executive Coach, Talent Assessor, and Leadership Trainer. She has extensive experience in working with corporate leaders to facilitate them in successfully navigating the challenges and opportunities in their professional life, as well as helping organizations enhance competitive edge with their human assets. In recent years, Elise has been fascinated by neuroscience and its application, especially in the area of management and leadership. She has made it her personal mission to help more people benefiting from knowing and using their own brains better.

Her “Neuroscience and Leadership” workshop is an ICF (International Coach Federation) accredited CCE (Continuing Coach Education) program for certified coaches, corporate leaders, and anyone who’s interested in wellbeing and personal growth.

Investment: 150 RMB

including dinner

When & Where

Date: Tuesday, July 25th

Time: 7 - 9pm

Location: Fitspace, 969 Wuding Road, near Changde and Jianzhou roads.  

Metro Stations: Chang Ping road  (line 7) and Jing’an temple (Lines 2 and 7).

FitSpace is a new COWORKING space combining an open office layout with a full gym. We bring your daily life back into balance by blending work and healthy living.

Stay tuned for August workshops!

About the Organisers

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