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Happy Birfday DDC

Hi Beijing. How are you? I heard a family tried to smuggle their kids onto a plane in Beijing the other day or something. Maybe when I’m back I can try and smuggle my cat or a Fancy Hobo onto a plane or something. That would be pretty LOLs, wouldn’t it? In other news I’ve been making the most of the massive selection of cheeses and potatoes the U.K offers, so when I’m back in a few weeks I’m in the market for a connected cheese/spud dealer. Applicants can apply in the comments section below, no time wasters please. In other news, it’s DDC’s third birthday! Let’s celebrate like it’s 2014!


Today is Thursday because yesterday I rode a bicycle into the river Thames and celebrated with a pint of bitter. Yes, that’s what people in Northern Kent do for entertainment. Every. Damn. Day. So I couldn’t write Dez Says, but you can ride a bike into the canal by Yonghehong and then go for a pint at School and get down to the tunes of  Xiao Wang, Anada, and Migo from 9p.m.


Friday, DDC kick off their birthday celebrations with a Ran Music showcase featuring Major, thruoutin, Fishdoll, and L+R from 9p.m. On account of some dickhead from some half assed Beatles cover band from the ‘90s arriving in the city next month Yugong Yishan is throwing a night to celebrate a genre that was basically concocted by the music press to describe a group of bands that didn’t sound like Nirvana. Expect windbreakers and the belief the future might not be rubbish with L.Gentleman, Diagon Alley, Sophie's Garden, Large Magellanic, and Ideal Garden from 9p.m. Over at Morgansky Lab you can shake your hips like a salmon running upstream to the sounds of 16th Floor, Return to Delicate Past, Yider, SuperMarket, and DJ WuJing from 8p.m. And there’s some music for a good cause with Giving A Beat at Yue Space featuring The Hunters, Disaster Chat, Jay Crew, and Tavey Lean and the Golden Corpse Processing Machine from 9p.m.


Saturday, DDC’s birthday fest continues with a daytime exhibition by Beijing-based French photographer Laurent Hou from 3p.m, followed by a night of fun and frolics with Mr.Graceless, TOW, Lonely Leary and more from 9p.m. At School, Project: Impair from South Korea (similar to Star Cardigan, when are they just going to move here already?!) Support from The Peppercorns, Macondo, and Backspace from 9p.m. Re-plus from Japan at Yugong Yishan dropping some gangster hip hop moves from 9p.m


Sunday, the DDC birthday blow continues with the live reenactment of the time Son Wukong transformed from a red hot stone into monkey with next level martial arts prowess from 9p.m. Gonna be lit. Hang Nail, Quick Shot, 0190, and Labor Glory at School shouting about skittles and cheese singles from 9p.m, while Mixer from Taiwan will be square dancing the night away at Yugong Yishan. And if you’re into Italian ‘power’ rock and substandard sound system dig Octopuss at Soi Baochao from 9p.m.


Next week: On Monday Salvor Latino will be at Modernista for their weekly residency of music to make drunk people shake their money makers from 10p.m. On Tuesday it’s the jazz jam at Jianghu from 9p.m, where philosophy lecturers go to reminisce, while DDC’s birthday bash concludes with a double piano jazz concert. Also Pinku Saido from Japan/France will be getting weird at School with Free Sex Shop and Xiao Wang from 9p.m. Next Wednesday, it’s the Floso workshop where they’ll be teaching you how to remix Justin Bieber to sound like Alien Sex Fiend.

You can dance if you want to. Bye.